What is Full stack JavaScript?

Full Stack JavaScript

JavaScript has been around for over 20 years. It is the dominant programming language in web development.

In the beginning JavaScript was a language for the web client (browser). Then came the ability to use JavaScript on the web server (with Node.js).

Today the hottest buzzword is "Full Stack JavaScript".

The idea of "Full Stack JavaScript" is that all software in a web application, both client side and server side, should be written using JavaScript only.

Programming in C will slowly decline.
Programming in JavaScript will be more important.

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

A full stack JavaScript developer is a person who can develop both client and server software.

In addition to mastering HTML and CSS, he/she also knows how to:

  • Program a browser (like using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or Vue)
  • Program a server (like using Node.js)
  • Program a database (like using MongoDB)

Client Software
(Front End)

Server Software
(Back End)

Full Stack JavaScript Benefits

  • Code reuse. Shared libraries, templates, and models.
  • Best practice accumulated by 20 years of JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is an evolving standard with a bright future.
  • Good tutorials. Easy to learn.
  • No compilation!!! Faster development.
  • Great distribution: npm.
  • GitHub repository. Git workflow.